Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great Viral Old Spice Heart of a Champion NFL Superperson

Funny Ikea Viral from Russia

View Best Viral ad of the Day: Virgin Atlantic (full version)

Great Review for Virgin Atlantic

Impossible Dream Viral ad from Honda

See Apple billionaire revenue 2010 by Steve Jobes

Just Billionaire !!!

Is a Hit ,Dr.Osama" Self Breast Exam" detect cancer

View full Angelina Jolie viral "Integrate" ad in Asia,1 millions Views

Not always we see Angelina Jolie in a commercial

Viral Ad for George Clooney got half millions viewers drinking a>>

Great Martini Ad

Super Bowl 2011, new Intel Viral Ad

Good Concept from Intel for Super Bowl 2011

Nice Viral Ad about when you are sleepy and stick pillow

Good ad from Nescafe, good insight

View Which Beer from USA got the coldest pint 2010

Nice ad from Budweiser

View Bing Viral ad trying to convince is better than Google

Friday, October 22, 2010

Awesome Viral Nike vs Adidas Feat. Lionel Messi.

Great Mix,nothing to say

View Viral Anti dandruff effect

Viral Video Paulo Coelho get 500,000 visitors,great review

Nice Ad from HP

View Viral Ad HP TouchSmart 600 PC fingertips, nice touch

Reviewd 4.1

Nice Music nice touch from HP

View new Crazy hockey viral ad. just reviewed well

Nice from Hockey fans

Great New Viral Honda Ad from Australia,good review

Review 40 of 5

Not Just another Honda Ad

Samsung Galaxy Better than Ipad,see the viral video ad

Great reviewed for Samsung galaxy

View Nice Viral Ad: Fruit Fight Night

Reviewed 3.8 of 5

Nice Ad Fruttare Caseiro

Got One million views at the web

View Eva Longoria in underwear Viral L'Oreal Ad

View The hottest Beyonce viral ad for L'Oreal

Beyonce viral ad for American Express 150,000 hits,

Reviewed 3.7 of 5

View great Viral AD "Zombies" from Rexonna, Great reviewed

Great Reviewed 4.0 of 5

The Idea is Zombie,,,well i like it

Viral AD 2.millions visit already Only the World

View New Viral Trojan Wedding Shower Commercial

Reviewed 3.9 of 5

A successful viral skating is a hit in the web

View the Ford C-Max Viral ad 2011.Review nice ad.

Reviewed 3.8 of 5

Okey is a nice ad but still missing the emotion

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of the best Korean Viral Ad.Reviewed 4.3of 5

Reviewd 4.3 of 5

Just a stupid viral media ad

Reviewed 3.0 of 5

Just a Funny Viral Fig Rolls ad.Reviewed ok

Reviewed 3.7 of 5

Alert Converse Join The Procession a great viral review ,don't miss !!!

Review 4.2 of 5

Last New budweiser viral ad, Time to Play and say.......

Review 4.3 of 5

Good Commercial for Baseball fans

2011 Infiniti QX56 with Ipad conexion viral info ad, just great,how much.....

Uhmm ok the car looks great but most of the viral ad fail in the detail of price

View why LG Viral ad got an Ovation !!!

Review 4.2 of 5

LG great ad for LG

View Awesome Viral ad with Nicole Kidman

Review 4.4 of 5

The awesome ad still live in the web

View Nivea viral ad "sponsor the morning" from TBWA

Revoew 4.1

View last viral ad from Mercedes Benz- Review 3.9 of 5 Sensual Efficiency. The new CLS.

View The amazing biggest Pop Corn Anniversary by Orange

Great Idea by Orange in The 5th Anniversary

View the last viral for Cadburys Cream Eggs

Rating 3.5 of 5

Okey Cadburys normally get a great review in their ads, nevertheless this ad is below the average

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Viral ad I don't want your Tip Mega Fox From Armani

Review 4.1

Love Black Commercial , love mega fox and evidently The Tips ad was....better find for yourself

View high value viral ad:Fiesta Elephant Review 4.4 of 5

Reviewed 4.4 of 5

Fiesta made an simple but effective viral ad

Viral Ad Gallo for Almap BBDO

Reviewed 4.0 of 5

Excellent Music and well edited For "Gallo" Brazil Oil made it for Almap BBDO

View Sal Andrew viral ad: Stomach Talk.Review 3.6 of 5

Reviewed 3.6 of 5

Sal Andrew put an ad that show a man's stomach talking....

Smart Ad a successful viral campaign,High Review

Rating 4.4 of 5

An smart campaign

See the viral for new MacBook Air lees than 3 pound, no hard drive

Rating 3.9 of 5

Nothing to say apple

View Audi Quattro Driveout Viral Ad.Rating 3.6 of 5

rating 3.6 of 5

Audi is more than this ad...

View New viral Armani Exchange in 3D.

Rating 3.8 of 5

Okey is in 3d but the execution is not so good.

New Viral from Adidas Basketball 2010

Rating 3.5 of 5

Not the best adidas ad for me

View Great Inspirational Nike Viral Ad 2010.Rating4.3 of 5

Great Inspirational Nike Ad. Encouraging People ....
Rating 4.3 of 5

View Viral Santa Claus is getting older.Rating 4.0 of 5

Rating 4.0 of 5

The Idea is simple Santa Claus is getting oder but....

View Christmas Canadian Ad, rating3.9 of 5

Canadian Tire Christmas Commercial : "The Old Days" (2008)

"Old days" two year ago, jajjaja

View new Viral Gap Spike Jones Ad.Rating 4.2 of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

What happens when you by mistake hit a mannequin ?

View Coco Channel viral ad. rating 3.9 of 5

rating 3.9 of 5

Every Women is special and have their own perfume

Volkswagen NZ -Milk Run .Rating 4.1 of 5

Rating 3.8 Different people, different car, an excelent spot for Volkswagen

Natura spot" ChampiƱones divertidos" Rating 3.7 of 5

Rating 3.7 of 5

Not a great production but the idea of bolling game is good

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Puma new viral ad: "from Jamaica with fast"

Motorola Defy goes Viral water & scratch resistant

Rating.4.1 of 5

Good aproach of Motorola with Defy against water resistant &Scratch resistant

Will It Blend? - Old Spice ,viral of the day

Rating 4.0

Will it blend? is a series of viral which the most famous product, in this case Old Spice is the viral campaign of the year in USA , so why not Blend it.

Rare Erotic Video Ad for Cancer Institut Curie Paris

Rating 4.1 of 5

very stranger find erotic ad linked with cancer.

Louis Vuitton viral ad ask who are you Peter? rating 4.4

Rating 4.4

Great Video Art for
exhibition at the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

Must see the viral music videos Top20 ,Oct.16

Follow the Top Music Video October 16

Paris ,viral ad heavy metal love

Rating 4.2

Walking in the street and you find a heavy rock artist playing and then a group of dancers .....

Penelope Cruz Shine in Lacome viral ad.2010

Rating 3.8 of 5

The lovely Penelope shines in this commercial for Lancome.

Stella Artois Apartomatic Ad.Rating 4.0 of 5

Rating 4.0 of 5

Nice try for Stella Artois

Smart Ad : My other car is a bus.Rating 4.2 of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

Smart Ad for TFLM of London.

Diesel thinks we are in an ass world, risky ad

Rating 3.9 of 5

Risky ad from diesel viral campaign

Monday, October 18, 2010

Viagra feeling young, nice ad, rating 4 of 5

Rating 4 of 5

Nice ad from viagra couple feel younger

Coca New viral Ad 2010 rating 4.0 of 5

rating 4.0 of 5

A nice Coke Commercial

Sony Iceland wake up a small town with speakers

Rating 4.2 o f 5

Believe or not in a small town in Iceland one day the people wake up with musical sound
great idea from Sony

Viral Oreo ad "Magnetism",rating 4.1 of 5

Rating 4.1

Simple but effective Oreo ad" Milk prefers Oreo"

Nike New ad with Dominican Yankees player Robisson Cano

Rating 3.6 of 5

Niche target baseball fans , Yankees fan, Dominicans, Latin,Craig Fans

Nike said Boom!! A new ad , Rating 4.2of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

Nice Ad from Nike, good edition for sport fans

Nokia connecting People,a different ad,rating 4.2 of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

A different ad from Nokia Connecting the difference between human race

IBM building a smart planet,Rating 4.1of 5

Rating 4.1 of 5

My planet es alive with data.... Good copy from IBM

A surprise ad Rivena.Rating 4.1 of 5

4.1 of 5

Love this commercial with a little twist at the end

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nouvelle great viral ad,rating 4.2 of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

Nice move from Nouvelle

British Airways flying high,great ad,rating 4.3 of 5

Rating 4.3 of 5

Great Viral ad from British Airways.

Gerber new Generation ,smart ad Rating 4.2 of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

Smart ad from Gerber given the inspiration of the new generation

Picture Me (A Model's Diary) Thriller

An Interesting movie about model

Splash from Victoria Secret Viral Ad rating 4.1 of 5

Rating 4. of 5

Great Music & Models

Victoria Secret Push up Ad Rating 4.0 of 5

Rating 4.0 of 5

Victoria Secret "biofit" Push to see this girl, we don't lie, jajjaj!!!

Pedigree goes Viral and catch a Rating of 4.2 of 5

Rating 4.2 of 5

Good Viral campaign from Pedigree