Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kate Moss addict to Dior new lipstick

Britney Spears return more hot than ever

Good morning America this is a new Britney Spears,,,,dou you want to see,,,

Adidas 2011 we are all stars

Great passion to see together stars such as David Beckham, Derrick Rose, Lionel Messi, and Katy Perry in one commercial.

Fanta Girl in the park indian ad 2011

A well new animated advertise of Fanta India

Sundrop dance like a robot

Be in Peace by Ballantine's

Xperia Women ready To play against you

Must chocking ad: Driving me crazy Award winning compilation

Award winning compilation of safe driving cars,must see

Donuts by Bridgestone Japan

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pixar play tennis got 8 millions viewers

Adidas presents the best soccer player of the world 2011

want to be the best soccer player, come and see how

McDonald's Date of my Life

Is a valentin day ..what do you do with a your girlfriends?

McDonalds ad - its a hard choice

2011 mcdonalds advertising for chicken and beef deluxe

Subway wheres is the beef?

Metro ad My baby is coming

There's Nothing Like this country

Pepsi China Mermaid rescue my water(no sound)

Is a Chicken of the sea

With a series on online videos , Chicken of the Sea is giving life to its iconic mermaid, a boy ask so many questions...well follow the answers.

Dancing Cats

Cats with Thumbs we want your milk by Cranvendale

Oreo 3 Amigos the best friendship

Is a cookie,a special cookie, an oreo and they 3 kids talking....

Toyota Corolla 2012:new ad from Brazil

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Singing in the Sea by Atun Calvo

HTC Mobile You Are Different From You, be yourself

Be yourself is one of more difficult thing in life, HTC try in this advertising to demonstrate how hard is to be unique.

Life Could Change by Banco Provincia

Is Don Ramon,is about forgiveness, is about a transgender women this classic ad from Banco Provincia

Dupont the Miracle

Do something good by Orange

It only takes 5 minutes to take advantage of new application from Orange UK and do some good

the Future Internet of Services

In this video you will find the latest video basis in The project SOA4All,This video describes the current trends for 2011 and look our Future Internet of services and the Web of Data.

Welcome to Social Media 2011 updated

Is a cloud in internet, how to understand our consumer, how they are using the we, the latest statitics in twitter,google,facebook,mobile.Interesting info video and well done visual made by basis in other similars videos that are in the web

Do you love me? lara Stone for Versus Versace fragance

Is a mirror but no any mirror you have Lara Stone directed by Craig McDean

Prada On the floor just for you

waiting for a man, waiting for a dream come true.

Happy Kid by Danone

A monkey in my Trunk

The girl of your dreams..stays a dream

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chanel Coco: Follow the Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley

Keira is hot in this viral ad for Coco Channel

Cadbury India A little indian cute girl

Nike Classic:Soccer vs Ninjas 6.5 Millions viewers

From Nike is nice to see the battle of Soccer Player vs.Ninjas

Is aTrio Easter Egg Chocolate

M&M's Checkout Portugal

Latest M&M's Ad from Portugal

Mirinda ahhhhhhhhhh!!! an Indian Ad

Coke Zero Happy Mouth

Pepsi Cricket World Cup Ad Campaign Change The Game

Airtel World Cup 2011 by SRK

Bring it on Sachin! by adidas 2011

Is a big Meal

Bonito Coche-Nice Car by Mercedes Benz

A guy a nice car,a Girl well Bonito Coche shows the power of women.

Who said we don't need MOM?

Welcome to Disney fantasy Mars Needs Moms directed by Simon Wills a simple history:
A young boy named Milo gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away.

Hop a new movie directed by Tim Hill

The producer of despicable me is coming with the new film about easter time , directed by Tim Hill in theather April 1 , more to see in

Bon Jovi It's my Life by Mitsibishi

Progress is beautiful by Audi

Nice music,well filming ad by Audi

A stone in the water by Qatar Financial center

Commercial shot
This commercial was made by Adrian Woat,RSA and the creative agency Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest,bravo !!!

Budweiser 1,2,3 counting the hours

Love The Irleand Ad from Budweiser, this commercial was shooting in 5 days and crew were on the train for 50 hrs over a 5 day period in temperatures that were often below freezing

Just one finger to play by Ipod Nano

Rhapsody download by Lady Gaga

A drop of a water, inside the famous singer Lady Gaga, nice ad to dowload the music of thio singer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giant Women appears by Puma

Adidas French Originals MEGALIZER La Fouine feat. Les Twins

Waterproof by Lady Speed Stick

SofĂ­a Mulanovich is a Peruvian World Champion Surfer,in this ad she surfs the dry wave in this nice spot for Lady Speed Stick Waterproof.

Introducing Gorgeous by Victoria Secret directed by Michael Bay

Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson is directed by Michael Bay in the new 30"- commercial for Victoria's Secret's new made-to-be-noticed push-up.Geougeous Girl, you gonna love it.

Do you love me? I am pregnant

yes one in a while you fall in love you make love with this girl and boom she is pregnant first time, what do you do? ..good campaign...

Trust in a rainy day by BBC Janala

Excellent commercial by BBC Janala, the key of this touching ad is to show images of a man walking in a rainy day.

Farewell Citi by Golf VW

Is time to enjoy life, to be together, to be with your family, enjoy nature,maybe more reasons to see Golf Ad by VW

Mash Underwear by Bonds

Rachael Taylor for Bonds Autumn/Winter 2011

Is The model,is autumn, is winter,is underwear,,,nice to see Rachel smiling,jumping and comfortable

Super Rugby by TV3

The Commercials Reel TV3 March 8 2011

Komodo a new ad by Old Spice

Waiting Room A short film got 1.5 millions viewers Directed by Brian Spach

A short film directed by Brian Spach got more than a million viewers
Written and Directed by Brian Spach
Starring James Spach and Mary Dale Spach
Editors - Richard Krysztoforski & Brian Spach
Camera - Mike Duda
Sound - Jen Cleary

I have only 3 days left 3 jours,3 dias

If you have only 3 days to ...... an excellent short film

Is a new experience Hit The Road Jack By Citroen

A great Song a nice ad by Citroen

My little Car by Picasso Citroen

Uruguay Intermarche - Le Boucher looking for the beef

Jacaranda films Uruguay launched le Boucher ,the kid,the dad, the horse and of course le Boucher

into the glass a 7up Indian ad

M&M in love

M&M ad from Taiwan

They are Hostages by M&M

Monday, March 28, 2011

People like us by MTV thinks ad.

HIV your final destination ad from Estonia

When you are in love by Eurovision

Feel the power to do more by Dell

Black Macbook Air AD by Apple

Blue World by Virgin Air

A smart girl at the beach

Is your Mom Home By Paul

Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards

Sir Elton John together and David Furnish are hosting a a Viewing Party of The 19th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation

Patapon by Sony

Sony launched the critically-acclaimed rhythm-based adventure game returns with new quests, increased customization and all-new online battles.

Like father like Son by South Indian Bank

Kodak Ghost Story Hurting You by Navarrone

Share a touching ad by Sports Toto

Rock N Rony by Kraft

Babies in the Pool by Evian Water

The mega hit viral ads with babies from Evian Water got 4 millions viewers worldwide

Beyonce in a japan Ad for Crystal Geyser

Is Water is life, just dance by Water Life

Smile by Aquafina

Is a Cobra inside you

Tattoo Energy Drink by Wicked

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We all fall down by GM

Mindfreak: are you ready?by Chris Angel

Transformation by Ikea

in a world that said no by Ikea

The Sky by Japan Arlines

Armani revealed a Megan Fox in underwear and Armani Jeans

A trio by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein 2011 UNCENSORED Underwear ad Mark Your Spot

Nobody ask to be raped a controversy ad in Scotland

is a puppy is Arashi - Nintendo 3DS

Incredible Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream

Spinach vs Ice Cream by Samsung

One day i will ge this car by Porshe

Lamborghini in NY by U2

Epic Fail by Carlton Draught

Is an angel in the Street by Polo VW

The Race by Polo

Catherine Zeta-Jones confidence street by Elizabeth Arden

JLO and Pitbull the hottest video 55millions viewers worlwide