Saturday, March 26, 2011

WWF turn off the light worlwide

Orange Tiny Top Ups value coin

Cheating Wife

The Lincoln Lawyer

is a storm by Acura

A wolf in the city by Eristoff Gold

The Sea talks by Smirnoff

abortion or adoption?

Nike Classic Brazil team directed by John Woo

Maybelline forever young by affinitone

McDonald's China enjoy little chicken

The APod Kids Enjoy life be yourself

Scary 2030 Why China Owns USA

Chinese corset a secret to increase.

Nina Ricci Lost in a Pink World, What i Do?\

Do you love Pink ? by Lacoste

Friday, March 25, 2011

Are we happy together? by Toyota

Ipod i still like to move

Android ad with Lady Gaga an instant hit

Want to be a exotic? by Burberry

Burberry Sport Ice new Fragrance

A simple ad for Burberry...

Ultimate 2011 top Trends in Advertising & marketing

Top 20 Trends for 2011 , yes a war year, a wall street fear, politician loosing credibility,yeas a wikileaks year,loosing my religion be aware until end

Social Media Worldwide Advertising new data

Is Social Media good to advertise, are you considering engagement your consumer? are the consumers tired to be advertise? is Internet a media or all the media together? many questions, so many answers,join the new revolution, the power of people to express their thoughts

That's Amore by UPS

Bip Linp by dolcegabbanachannel

Women's Day be a man and dress like a women by Daniel craig

New Robot Vacum Cleaner At Work

Alert Massive Fuel Fire at Miami Airport

Too Many Women

Want o escape to Paradise

Dominican Republic discover the Treasure

Royal Marines advert 2011

Angry People in the street by Axa

Mini Bikini in a snow storm

This Shoes kill the people

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scream life is only one

The Economist Shifting sands. Outdoor promotion activity in the Middle East

Dewars Lost in transation

Sing a Song by Dove Shampoo

Is not a simple blujean is your jeans

Gap 1969 sping ad 2011

Bridgestone I remember you

Future Media Crypton -

stupid Terry Turbo: World's Fastest Tea Maker

Cadbury your mind will blow

All you can do in 60 seconds by Sky

Que Sera, que Sera? a Sky Ad

Discover the ultimate secret: Xperia play by Sony

The Germans have word for it an Australian Ad for Volkswagen

Live Life to the Ultra by Michelob

Is a race is a goodyear!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iPad 2 incredible Smart Cover

Is Spicy is a perfume by Playboy

M&M's chocolate " Ican't hear you"

Roaming ,keep talking by Vodafone

Maxim Release April 2011 Cover Eva Amurri

How to Look Good Naked by Ali Howard's Mirrors

How to Kiss got more than 5 millions viewers

How to plan for Social Media

What i do? an award winning ad

Life and love cause & effect

A social Medial Revolution

When Shakira met Shakiro!.

You are the Queen by Burguer King

The Chase

The Value of the money is your dreams

A Caribbean Bank

Good Call ....Foster

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rule The air

Is a tiger inside you

The world will not be the same March 26

Earth hour will change viral of the day

A fire a man a whisky

Is a Budweiser took the elevator NOW !!

Why a Business Notebooks?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Moments with my mom

AT&T Mother's Day Commercial

M&M Transformers ROTF

Live the language enjoy life

viral of the week:Fragile Childhood drinking alcohol

Fly away i don't need you by Skittles.

A racing for a Budweiser

Suddenly Crying Jean

Don't miss the train

How to smile by Guinnes

Is a Bullet

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You are my inspiration by Canon

Katy Perry naked viral music

Dirty beach party in california

Pepsi the duel

Adidas it was a hell party

Beat the Devil by BMW

Do you want a ride?

Leonardo di Caprio free world

George Clooney discover gold