Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nasa the Frontier Is Everywhere the journey begins now

Future secret airplane

Microsoft 2011 The new school and teaching

The future is now by Microsoft we can see in this nice video the future form to learn and teach

Beeline live on the bright side

Unwraping the tropical paradise by Almond and Joy

Hershey's 2011 from the sky drops chocolate Commercial

Steven Spielberg Cowboy & Aliens with Dany Craig & Harrsion Ford

Lates Film from Steven Spierlberg Cowboys & Aliens will hit this summer worlwide,how you put together cowboy & Aliens, well all is possible and waiting the mega hit blockbuster that includes Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig

Sony India 2011 ad Your hands is your creativity

Creativity is in your hand a Sony Tv spot

'Who's There?' by Work Safe Victoria

Touching Commercial for Work safe Victoria

EMINEM CHRYSLER 2011 Ad My Black Car

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi 2011 the Batlle Video

If you have one opportunity,who''be your man? Ronaldo o Mecci?

Adidas Originals Citv vs City Style Challenge

Comming this monday 18th 9 stylists from 9 cities across the globe have created completely original looks. In a mash up of catwalk and sidewalk, sports and style, they have created fierce new looks to represent their cities.

Special K 2011 pampering your Body

A Toyota Gamme Hybride 2011

Humor Full of Gadget Competition.

Black Eyed Peas dirty bid got 100 Millions viewers worldwide

Great Black Eyes Peas got already more than 100 millions worldwide with they mega mix remix time of my life dirty bid.

Bing Viral ads Are you talking to me? by Microsoft

Bing continues with their campaigns Overloaded in this time 2 women talking in a restaurant

Top You Tube Video 2011 April Who is the number ?

Top You Tube Video 2011 bring the most viewed video in the web

Top 20 Music Video April 2011

Brand New Top bring us the 20 top Music Videos for April 9

Bausch + Lomb Alaway ad Look at me and catch my eyes again

Look at me and catch my eyes again new proposal from Busch +Laumb

Vodafone 2011 The Evolution of Mobile

In this ad Using cutting edge 3D Projection Vodafone bring you The Evolution of Mobile

David Beckham Unbelievable A diet Pepsi Viral 2011 Ad

# Millions People worlwide have been watching the new viral ad for Diet Pepsi
David Beckham shows why he's the world's most famous soccer player

Cyprus bank 2011 advertising Moments of life

Moments of life an inspired advertising by Citrus Bank

Sony 2011 new ad Television Redefined

In a Journey of 60 seconds Sony show us the evolution of tv and internet

Friday, April 15, 2011

BigMat MVR Val De Reuil imagination is everything a French Ad

French ad for Big Mat

Visa Platinium by Victoriabank,My Girl want the impossible

American Express 2011The Little thing could be your enemies

merican Express® Charge Card, which can help customers protect themselves and their purchases.

Toto Flush a japanese humor ad

Burguer King 2011 ad Helping Hands

This Skit Was Directed By Keedar Whittle, And Shot By Andrew And Larry From Thristyfilm

Jumex 2011 a mexican ad the reason to live

Kia best commercial 2011 Like Spy got 2 millions viewers in the web

Touching Ad for Kia Optima with a great production looks like you are watching a James Bond movie,got 2 millions viewers in the web in just 8 weeks

Gatorade 2011 ad Final Minute Get Your second Wind

Dwight Howard is the main player in the last gatorade ad Final Minute,

The Battle of Mini Cooper

In Denial,something unexpected happens byArchana Borhade

Is a short film directed by Archana Borhade about a young woman who gets up during the morning to find little trinkets and messages spread across the flat by her live - in boyfriend who hints at a possible proposal through them....the girl excitedly gets ready for the soiree but something is going to happen that change everything

Indigo Xl The lounge Award winning ad by Ravi K Chandran

Nike The Music Mouth

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A-Rod vs Vladimir Guerrero Pepsi Commercial Shattered Moon

Ipad 2 Magic Touch Ad

Sony French Alpha look at the sky Spot 2011

Barack Obama 2012 ad by National Republican Senatorial Committee

Heineken Magic Entrance

In this ad you can hear the song The golden age

Brahma Beer Ad Is the moment to drink

Quilmes 2011 beer ad Male Secret compagnion

Reebok Gravity It's your energy use it

Nike and Foot Locker Original animation ad

A fresh Animation AD putting together Nike and Foot Locker. In this Ad you could see Amar'e Stoudemire, DeSean Jackson and Chris Bosh, as well as some of the latest Nike Air Max shoes available at Foot Locker.

Twix chocolate Ad Play in the Floor

IBM Lost in the Road

Burberry Beijing Hologram Runway Show

is an interesting Hologram runway show presented by Burberry in Beijing this month, It was an event celebrating British weather, fashion and music,

World needs people who loves what they are doing by UDLA

UDLA: Universidad de Las Americas launch and ad promoting People who loves what they are doing to get a better world in the future

Creditel Mother's Day every mom can dance

Empowering the people by Acer - Comtronics

La Caxia Every Immigrant have a dream

La Caxia launched a campaign for the immigrant, in a world in crisis is good to know that some company has the courage to think in the most important thing in life : People.

Pitbull Good thing coming in trio by Kodak Ad

the second commercial of Kodak with Artist, the first one was Rihanna that was showed today in this blog.

Kodak Film Ad Rihanna You are the only girl of the World

New Beyonce vs Beyonce hottest ad by Vizio LD HTVV

Rihanna Bad Pink Girl Feel So Good hot & Nice Ad

Love this Commercial and evidently Rihanna one of the most hottest girl in the music industry

T-Pain Remix The Toshiba Laptop by Toshiba Viral Film

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puma 2011 Tennis ad Iluminati your life

Budweiser The Land of the Lambs

Woman Office Stress by AccuServ an Hilarious ad

Tired to Be a Transformer better be a nice girl by Double A

A Rabbit vs Snakes by Travelers Insurance Ad

San Miguel Beer the power of light

Life is Magnifique by Sofitel Hotel

Three Craziest new roller coasters for Six Flags

Doritos Touchdown my girl

Sealy Film Ads Anytime Is Better on Springs

Serta Donald Trump are you ready to sleep in Room No.9?

Dreams by Armani Lucas Digital Liquid Tv

Playstation Classic Film presents Eggs power control

Rare Advertising for Japanese flip deep throat

Range Rover Open The door Europe

TresSemme Film ad Once upon a time

El Corte Ingles 2011 Film Ad Es Primavera

Innovation only matter if you think is important by HTC Film Adv

Kenneth Cole Film Reaction Kids in a classroom

The Secret Date Film AD by CK Collection

CK Film Ad don't leave me alone

Screaming anti Tobacco smoking Ad

Kids Spying Woman by Molfina Film

Dressing Room by Fling Chocolate

Tui Beer Give me my ball

Priest Even Good has Dark Side hit Theater this May

Mojito Rojo Royale by Maxim film ad

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adidas All Original my sign tennis in Sneaker con

Wanna Know who the hell is well Sneaker Con, well is Buy/Sell/Trade convention for sneakerheads of all ages.
Sneaker Con is the hottest sneakerheads convention in New York City and this was the first one outside of NYC.

Most Sexy Little Bride of The World by Victoria Secret Film

Introducing 2011 bridal lingerie collection gets a sexy leg up in this online-exclusive video featuring Supermodel (and real life bride-to-be) Lily Aldridge

Attractions of bodies By Victoria Secret Viral Film

Feel Guilty by Gucci Film Ads

VB beer Cry my friend in my shoulders

This Ad was created by Droga 5

Do Not Disconnect a short film basis The Future of Friendship

An intelligent short film about a woman who tries to break out of a world where everyone is plugged into their headphones. "Do Not Disconnect" made its way into Canadian educator Bill Belsey's school curriculum focusing on "The Future of Friendship."

Sony Erickson Experia Smart meets Rich

Wii Party join the game

Vitalis Runnig for water

Actimel 2011 kids playing

Thor is coming new movie from Marbel

Hummer think smaller again

Carribbean Passion Dominican Republic

Scotiabank The Kid is the coach

Sears Optical Haircut

Sears Optical Taxi

Carrefour Music in my ears

AT&T Network of Possibilities Translation

Translation new campaign from AT&T

Pets by AT&T Network

AT&T launch the campaign Network of Possibilities - Pets

Monday, April 11, 2011

Working in the clouds a GE Ad made by BBDO

Wind Energy by GE secret eyes kid

Lee Cooper In a rainy day love is everything

Nude Commercial for Centrum Be Young Again

Virgin Mobile Crazy People

Orange 3G swimming in the Street

Bing Overload Syndrome: Smartphone the new search:

Bing Viral Ad Crazy supermarket by Microsofot

Ferrari film 2011 Ad The Road is mine

Mercedes See the Tunel see the Light

Pink champagne Veuve Cliquot Love seat movie

Moet & Chandon it happen one night

Jack Daniel Share the Hapiness and Freedom

Malibu Rum Break Boom Dance

Khalua Spanish Passion with hot woman Ana de La Reguera

Adidas Ad color your life by Dwight Howard

From Atlanta to Orlando the journey of Dwight Howard

A normal day example in the future come and see

Ultimate Future Living and Technology

Latest video shows new technology that we could use in regular basis.

BBVA Spain Por Todas (For Everything )

Best Brands 2011 Germany

Unicef Pampers ad Magic Love

HP E Print This Baby is fast

Duvel beer ad union

Yellow Pages Lost the way

Stella Artois journey to drink

Heineken Transforming your sense

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Invisible Glass by Saint Gobain


View now the Oscar winning short film 2011 The Lost Thing

In just seconds words can change your life

Coco Mademoiselle short film feat. Keira Knightley 2011

Best Viral film of the week Clocked Out A Short Film By F.C.Rabbath

Invention of Love short film Inspired by Lotte Reinige

Inspired by Lotte Reinige adapted and works and Antony Lucas's Jasper Morello film

Angel of Demon by Givenchy

New Mercedes-Benz Racing is a state of mind

Madonna life perfection ARIAKE commercial

Madonna Clasic commercial for Ariake,life perfection.

Incredible New President of Haiti dressing like a woman and touching himself

Released in Your Tube 2 weeks ago we can see New president of Haiti was dressed like a woman and dancing and touching himself in front of everybody.

McDonalds Rythm of the music MysteryGuitarMan's

Jennifer Aniston best viral ad 2011

A Live Dummy get into car and crashed

Hop wanna see the picture? by Kodak

DURACELL ULTRA: World full of Bunnies

Fiat Bravo : Music to my ears a Brazilian ad

Audi 4 the Challenge to Climb a new record worlwide

Greenpace The New Warriors

A more exciting place to live by Virgin Media

Lock up your sons by Gossard

Iceland discover the adventure discover planet earth

Levi's Big Jeans who are you?

The Giants Train of the Future by NRCB