Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mas espacio Argentina Commercial More Space

German eBay Commercial

Genau was ich will

Rexona Commercial Steffi Graf The Challenge

All is full love got twelve millions viewers in you tube

Gucci Commercial The Magic of Flora

RollingStone Ad Cannes Winner Commercial

Scheels 2011 Commercial Best Mom of the Year

Faith Hill Mother's Day Flowers Commercial

2011 mother's day commercial

Oreo Commercial Happy Mother's Day

The gift is a especial one

Diesel Commercial Only The Brave

Memorable Commercials Alien return home

Ferrari Motorola Commercial Learning quickly

Italian Great Commercial Be Independent Everywhere

Nice Italian Commercial

Amnesty International Commercial John Lennon 's Imagine

ASICS 2011 commercial Running is not just sweat

This commercial was launched for England & Ireland Market

Asics Commercial Find your own Path in the Sky

Madonna Commercial Revolution Girl

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ralph Lauren Commercial A Pure Romance

HAAGEN DAZS TV Commercial Hazelnut pleasure

Nokia Woman Commercial Ready To Take the World

Priyanka Chopra shares all her emotions

Vivident White 2011 Commercial The Artist's Inspiration

An Italian Commercial 2011 for Vivident White

Sprint 2011 commercial No allies no remorse no limits

Zurich commercial 2011 Is nice to be safe

McDonalds French Commercial 2011 The Guilty Coffee

Budweiser Commercial Can You Help Me?

Brahma beer Commercial Tattoos in the Beach

Bing 2011 commercial Amateur Filmmaker in NY

Directed by Jesse Harris

Gautier commercial Love is in the air

Kyivistar commercial Don't be slow with a Girl

Tokyo Blues Trailer a great film from Tran Anh Hung

Academy Award Nomnate Director Tran Anh Hung (The Scent of the Green Papaya) bring the new film Tokyo Blues(Norwegian Wood ) in a select cinemas worldwide

Loading a funny Idea Commercial 2011

Mercedes Benz latest commercial Courtesy of the house

Schumacher vs. Rosberg F1

Kobe Bryant 2011 funny Turkish Airlines Commercial released

A controversial situation for one of the best player of NBA when they shoot this commercial because it was a turkish ad.

Dance Legends by Magnesia

Hitler commercial a Brazilian Ad

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tele 2 Estonia Ad Life is what you feel

An Estonia Ad from Tele 2 Life is what you feel

Zoosk 2011 ad The Risk To search someone

A funny denmark ad, a woman looking for a perfect man

The Pride of an Athlete a Canadian Commercial

Honda Odyssey 2011 Ad is a Perfect Life with family

The Perfection of life when in one moment the driver see all his family together in the car doing what they want to do it with Honda Odyssey a Canadian Commercial

Lexus Commercial 2011 Seduce This Woman

A moment of Pure Discovery by Lexus

Budweiser 2011 Canadian Ad Be Prepare to the Match

Canada commercial featuring many NHL® team logos

Nescafe France Commercial Discover The Green

The Word without color is no Planet Earth by TiJi "Couleurs"

Vienneta Ice Cream 2011 Ad Royal Wedding

Vienneta Ice Cream a simple commercial approaching Royal Wedding Buzz

Scandal Sony Admits was hacked 77 millions people in risk

Mars 2011 Commercial Satisfaction to Making Better

Mars Challenge Kicks off

Robinson's Ad 2011 The Power of The Children

Adidas 2011 The Challenge of Famous People

Starring Messi, Beckham, Katy Perry and Derrick Rose

Red Bull 2011 Commercial All with one hand

Disney 2011 England Ad The Magic of The Journey

Simple great idea ,what happen when we said all the family goes to Disney.

Pfizer Commercial Be Brave Little Girl

Excellent Commercial from Pfizer,more than medication wee need love

See Top Finalist Commercials for Emmy Award

Mango France 2011 ad Ad Identify Yourself

Last commercial from Mango France with the music oBrad Hollandf and the participation of Isabeli Fontana.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazon Kindle Commercial Smile and Read

Hyundai Musical Shorts:True Love in my life

This video is an entrant for the Hyundai Musical Shorts contest in you tube directed by Robert Ashton Jnr

Super 8 Trailer the new film from J.J.Abraham

Yo can be Tall by Korean Airlines

Android Korean Ad Born to be Smart by STK Telecom

Fragance #1 by Victoria Secret

Prada Sensous Ad Changing my clothing in the taxi

Ikea Twin Girls Commercial

Renault The most pleasure road

The Power of Music Cannes Lions winner by Tower Record

Is an old couple in a taxi and the music of the radio revival the feeling.

Cannon Freeze Tag Winner Cannes Lions & Emmy Awards

Freeze Tag was the winner of Cannes Liosn Young Director Award also was awarded for an Emmy Award 2010

the trade of his life by Etoro

Funny ad

Praying God won't help Winner Cannes Lions

Love this ad and the sentence praying God....

MOFILM Grand Prize at Cannes Lions Coke Zero

Finger Breakdance is a hit 2 millions viewer in you tube

Channel Egoiste Ad Winner cannes Lions

Atletico Madrid Cannes Lions Winner It keeps me Alive

Levis Car Ad Cannes Lions Winner

Nescafe 2011 Take One and Action !!!

Anea Cannes Lions Bronze Winner

New Ford F-150 2011 Ad Best Fuel Economy

Maxim Hometown Hotties Winner: Melanie Iglesias from NY

Melanie Iglesias from Brooklyn won the hotties girl for Maxim

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slovakia 2011 The uncover beauty


ockey world championship in Slovakia

Nokia small hardware commercial for Orange

Sizes Matter better why

Xerox & Marriott Hotel The Marriage ad

Doing things differently by Absolut

Doing things differently lead us to succes a nice campaign from Absolut that put together artist around the world

Absolut Commercial Life could Be Yellow

Outstanding View of the world by Arpenaz Flex Quechua France

Arpena Flex Quechua from France launched the commercial Decathlon and finish with Outstanding view of clouds, great music from Jonsi called Tornado.

Axe Ad Just Call Me baby

An Indonesia Commercial

Tropicana Slim commercial 2011 Sweet Moments

Extended Version of this commercial Sweet Moments by Tropicana Slim Commercial

Amnesty International Commercial Don'turn off the flame

An [unofficial] commercial made for Amnesty International by post production house MRPPP Melbourne interesting approach .

Lady Gaga 2011 Official HBO Ad

El Cortes Ingles the clouds Ad

Chloe Ad she is a free woman in the city

Gucci Guilty City in Flame

Lancôme Tresor in Love The Journey

Panasonic France Ad Look Paris SPOT LUMIX FZ18

Adidas 2011 City vs City The Challenge Begins

Your opinion is valid: Sidewalk meets catwalk, vintage mixes with trendy, sporty gets a glam-over.
Stylists from 9 fashion forward cities compete in one-on-one battles to represent their turf. well the challenge begins and you have the power to decide

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ipad 2 2011 ad, Do you believe in Magic?

Pampers 2011 ad Every baby is a Little Miracle

Every little thing she does is magic

The Enterprise Way Listening" Commercial 2011

Enterprise Rent a car try to show you how they listen to customer, a great idea to pick up you everywhere

Mom You are death controversial ad

You are a death woman is a powerful commercial by Department Public safety of Minnesota

Ultimate Mobile Trends 2011

Is not only about mobile is a mobile or a computer or social the latest trends of mobile

Duracell Bon Jovi Ad Be sure in what you trust

Locomotion 2011 ad Is activate it are you prepare?

Kleenex 2011 with oil moisturizer Escape of the jail

Kleenex 2011 ad Saving my life in Mexico

Orange Classic Commercial Is a hard Day in Planet Earth

Major Pleasure of the world by Magnum

Unilever thru magnum launched the major pleasure of the world

Magnum Commercial Seven Deadly Sins Lust

Ultimate Trends 2011 in Shoes and Boots

QUIQUE THE HEAD DIESEL Winner in Cannes Ad Festival

QUIQUE THE HEAD DIESEL won a silver in a Promo & Activaction

Nissan Interactive Floor

Volkswagen is a Website Viral

Crazy guy in the Roof by BBC

Swacth Urban Flow The Jungle is in the Street

In this commercial from Swatch you can see members from Urban Freeflow. Shot in Prague, Czech Republic

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gillette 2011 Shave Sutra The Art of Shaving in India

Yahoo 2011 Ad Mail Worlds Greatest dad

Naked ice cream from Thailand

Vaseline Ad Amazing Naked People

Xerox The Disaster Office

The Office can be a disaster full of situations that could be comic

Comverse The Extreme Desire Cookie

Yellow Pages 2011 Smart Prissioner

Barbie Vs GI Joe Winner Cannes Lions

Tulipan Condom won a cannes lions with this version boys have to play with ....

Axe Cannes winner Is a Matter of Time

Young wants girls girls try to play hard in axe commercial is a matter of time

Top 20 Videos 2011 April 24 to 30

Brand New top Videos for week april 23

Sky Brazil Coming Home just for you

HSBC Love yourself Commercial

Romantic ad for HSBC Bank and their credit card

Virgin Mobile Wheres in my phone?

Funny advertisement for Virgin Mobile