Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cannes Lions 2011 BBDO Seminar Video Multicampaign

BBDO, Microsoft and OTX have joined forces for a proprietary study of multi-platform campaigns leveraging both creativity and technology to identify a ground-breaking framework for marketing success. Here they explain the results.Speakers: Simon Bond, Chief Marketing Officer - BBDO Worldwide
Marc Bresseel, Vice-President, Global Marketing - Microsoft Advertising

AT&T Cloud Info Viral Spot 2011

what does cloud means in technology business?

Coca Cola Rush Hour Cinema Ambience 2011

by Oglivy Bogota

SMINT Happy meter TV Spot 2011

by draft FCB Spain



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cannes Lion 2011 Outdoor Winner

Cannes Lions 2011 Media Gran Prix Winner

The Winner of the Gran Prix in Cannes Media Lions
Type of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Best Use of Outdoor
Advertiser/Client: TESCO
Product/Service: RETAIL
Entrant Company: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
Advertising Agency: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
Creative Credits
Name Company Position
Joungrack Lee CHEIL Executive Creative Director
Youna Chung CHEIL Art Director
Youbin Bang CHEIL Art Director
Yeonjoo Lee CHEIL Art Director
Misu Yi CHEIL Copywriter
SKYTEAM Photographer
Sungmin Jee Illustrator
Joowon Han CHEIL Account Manager
Youna Chung CHEIL Creative Director
MOON & SUN Computer Graphic
Results and Effectiveness:
People could encounter TESCO HOMEPLUS wherever they go without having to visit the actual store. It was an efficient way to shop so people could enjoy their free time. After this campaign, on-line sales increased tremendously (Nov.2010-Jan.2011). Through this campaign, 10,287 consumers visited the online HOMEPLUS mall using smartphones. The number of new registered members rose by 76%, and on-line sales increased 130%. Currently, HOMEPLUS is No.1 in the on-line market and is a very close 2nd offline.
Creative Execution:
Let the store come to the people! We created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into people's everyday lives. Our first attempt was at busy subway stations in rush hours. Although virtual, the displays were exactly the same as actual stores – this included the merchandising. Only one thing is different, you use smart phones to shop! Scan the QR code with your phone, and the product automatically lands in your on-line cart! When the online purchase is done, it will be delivered to your door right after you get home.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
South Korea is a unique market. Even the most powerful global corporations tend to fail miserably in the Korean market. Walmart and Carrefour had to pack up their bags and leave. On the contrary, TESCO has been evolving itself, adjusting to the local market. It even changed the name itself, from TESCO to HOMEPLUS! And at last, it grew to the rank of No. 2 in Korea! But TESCO had to overcome one obstacle - fewer stores compared to the number one company, E-mart. Could we become No. 1 without increasing the number of stores? We conducted an in-depth study into Koreans once more. Korean are the 2nd most hard-working people in the world! For them, grocery shopping once a week is a dreaded task. So we decided to approach these busy and tired people.

Cannes Lions 2011 Naked Seminar Clip

PHD Seminar in Cannes 2011

OMD the most winning agency in Cannes 2011

Cannes, France, June 21, 2011
– Omnicom Media Group agency OMD today captured a total of six Media Lions awards both as the submitting agency and as the credited media agency, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, making it the most winning media network at the 2011 Festival.

Manning Gottlieb OMD, London, took the Gold Lion in the Best Use of Branded Content category for its “GT Academy” for Nissan and Sony PlayStation®.

Additionally, the network took five Bronze Lions for the following categories and campaigns:

∙ Fast Moving Consumer Goods: OMD UK, “Rainy Days” for Walkers, PepsiCo.

∙ Corporate Image & Information: OMD Sydney, “One Laptop Per Child” for Telstra.

∙ Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages: OMD Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, “I Swim with Marcos” for the United Nations Poverty Awareness campaign.

∙ Best Use of Sponsorship: OMD New York, “Changing the Game” for Doritos (submitted by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco).

∙ Best Consumer Engagement: OMD Puerto Rico, “Heart of Puerto Rico” for Gatorade, PepsiCo (submitted by JWT San Juan).

“This would be an impressive showing in any year,” said Mainardo de Nardis, CEO of OMD Worldwide. “Considering the 34 percent increase in the number of media entries this year, we are doubly proud of the recognition, the work that earned it, and the people who made it happen.”

Friday, June 17, 2011

ATTACK THE BLOCK Official Trailer

Cannes 2011Fixing Advertising's Talent Crisis Viral Video 2011

In Cannes June 23 Arnold Worldwide presents Fixing Advertising Talent Crisis

At&T Mouse Tramp 2011 Tv Spot So real

So real it's almost unreal another campaign from AT&T

HP Elite Book 2011 Tv Spot Canon Design

Short commercial to promote the HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations and Z workstations main case study.

La Poste Mobile Mission No.1 All in 2011 Tv Spot

Axe 2012 The End of The World Noahs Ark 2011TVspot

Axe Commercial 2011 End of the World

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Invisible Tablet 2011 Tv Spot

Moneyball Official Trailer 2011 directed by Bennet Miller

Columbia Pictures presents Moneyball directed by Bennett Miller. The screenplay is by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin, from a story by Stan Chervin, based on the book by Michael Lewis. The film is produced by Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, and Scott Rudin.

Impulse An unbreakable attraction

Creative Agency Ponce Buenos Aires directed by Lance Acord a well done Spot by Impulse

MoMa You Can see what i see NY Tv Commercial

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) you can see what i see made by Taxi Agency directed by Azazel Jacob

McDonald Taxi French Fries Advertising by Leo Burnett

Nice execution in the city of wind Chicago made by Leo Burnett

Electricity Authority The Value of Your Question 2011 TV spot

Made by DraftFCB

Campo Frio Reencarnation 2011 TV Spot

Nice Ad from Campo Frio (Spain)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Nude Viral Short Film Black Square Sign

Dir. Keith Schofield / music the BPA feat. Dizzee Rascal / USA .Busby Berkeley meets the little black square in this fantastic romp around the BPA track.

Viral of The day Born To be Alive UK Directed by david Wilson

Future Shots Dir: David Wilson / UK /A new creation myth(adam & Eve) is portrayed using mixed media and colourful set design. A young man gives birth to a star that brings life to his otherwise dark world.

Cannes Lions Gold Winner The Power of Wind(Germany)

From Germany cames a masterpiece the Power of Wind from Epuron, the advertising agency NORDPOL+ HAMBURG

VW Cannes Lions Winner Fakes Parts vs Original Ones

Corporado Macho Men Inside You 2011 Tv spot

Ying Yang by Smart Car 2011 TV Spot

Smart Ying Yang limited edition 2011

Mars Attacks Again by Click Insurance 2011 TV Spot

Click seguros and the campaign Mars Attacks

Trina drink Enjoy your dreams

Batman by Click Insurance Company 2011 Tv spot

Click Seguros with the version of Batman tv spot

SnK Lenses You are the Star 2011 Tv Spot

Dulux Berger Paints Is a Man Space Ambience 2011

This ambient installation was created by Leo Burnett Melbourne to promote Berger Paints in Australia

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aquafresh The Nurdle Shmurdle Tv spot

Birth Joke YB Commercial

Ripolin The Paint of Your Inmagination 2011 Tv Spot

Samsung 2view Camera 2011 Tv Spot

Samnsung launched the new 2 view camera which solve a problem whe you take a picture of yourself.

Mont Blanc The Power Of Your Destiny Tv Spot

Mont Blanc (Advertisemnt) with Sonam Kapoor & Anil Kapoor.

Swatch Braking The Rule Tv Spot

Fedex You are Not Exchange Student 2011 TV Spot

Latest campaign of Fed Ex about a exchange student.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lotto Instant Kiwi The Test 2011 Tv spot

Instant Win by Lotto Kiwi

Nothing Stops a Wee-Bix Kids us Now 2011 Tv Spot

Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland made this Tv spot

Emirates Airlines: The Future is now 2011Airbus 380 Spot

Amazing ad from Emirates Airlines showing the ensamble of Airbus 380

Disneyland Star War Dark Vador 2011 Viral Spot

New Attraction in Disney World and the viral spot made it around Dark Vador

Dancing in the Metro in Underwear by Dim 2011v Spot

Dim Body Touch Tv 2011 Commercial dancing in the metro.

Jean Paul Gaultier Wake up 2011 Tv Spot for Le Male

Webroot Average Sized matters TV 2011 Spot

Don't let the bad links happen to you by Webroot,this commercial is one of the hall and fresh campaign launched in this summer.

TAG Heuer Bit Tiger Woods Viral Tv Spot

Beldent Darwin's Evolution 2011 Tv Spot Smile and Dance

From JWT Argentina

DIRECTV Plus Dogs & Cats 2011 Tv Commercial

Dim Le Bra Magic 2011 TV Spot Beauty Lift

Advertising Dim Beauty Lift - Anniversaire (2011)

Some Static Started Short Viral Film of the Day

From Australia Director Ben Briand co0mes Some Static Started

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Euro Millions The Good Life 2011 Tv spot

Mountain Dew Skate Pinball 2011 TV spotbty Colenso BBDO

Pams For The Love of Food 2011 Tv Spot

Zoosk Bad Romance at The Office 2011 TV Spot

Have trouble looking for someone? latest TV Viral commercial from Zoosk.

M&M's Voodoo 2011 TV Spot from Australia

New commercial :Almond M&M's have finally come to Australia

Pascual BiFrutas 2011 Tv Spot

Enjoy The Taste Pascual BiFrutas

Stella Artois All for her new 2011 Tv Commercial

Respect Issues the 2011 new campaign from Stella Artois show a really gentleman following a woman

Volkswagen Everything is Magic 2011 Tv Spot

Nick Cave Money and Run 2011

Dir. Tom Haines from UK

Nabaiji Women Decathlon 2011 Tv spot

Safe Teen Driver 2011 New Zeeland Tv Spot

Google Public Data Explorer Viral Spot

ACER Diamonds are forever Success Built to Last 2011 Viral Ad

Nike Before and After The Destiny 2011 Tv Spot

Coors Light Refreshmutts Tv Spot 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ING Direct Beaver 2011 Tv Spot

ING Direct Decent way to do banking 2011TV spot

Old Navy Dress like a Guy 2011 Tv Spot

AT& T's Video Info Statistics 2011 Worldwide Connections

Bavaria Tag-on 2011 Tv Spot

Nike Chosen 2011 Tv Spot Extended Version

Asics Beat The Wind Tv Spot

Orange You can Change your Life 2011 Tv Spot

Banco Civica Is your Money we listen 2011 TV Spot

Playstation 2001 Tv Spot Two Faces

Lola Baby Tv Trailer Spot

Directed by Ocatvio Omaro

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Budweiser 4th of July 2011 Tv Spot Grab So0me Buds

Budweiser Independence Day USA

Webroot Single Ladies 2011 Tv Spot

Don't let bad links happens to you , the lates commercial from Wetbroot

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Movie Trailer 2011

Pitbull& Shakira Rabiosa Latest Video 2011 Hit Worlwide

Orange Movie presents Hussars Movie Trailer 2011 & Tv spot

Orange Pulsar 220 India new 2011 Tv Spot

Pulsar is The # 1 Bike in India.

1664 Beer Music Madness in a PUb 2011 Viral TV Spot

Dare Ice Coffee Juvenile Mate 2011 Tv Spot

Dare Ice Coffee Fix'll Fix it 2011 TV Spot

HBO to Go Tuxedo vs Pijama Tv spot 2011

Corona Beer Flight to your Beach TV Spot 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Verizon Business Marin County Arborists Rules 2011 Tv Spot

Han Beer Super Dry Pionering Beer 2011 Tv Spot

Got 2B Shower Anywhere by BBDO 2011

Target Tv 2011 Spot Dogs don't like Brussels Sprouts

Smile 2011 Tv Spot by Sanitas

Babysister Tv Spot 2011 by Carl'sJr

Most Liked Model Awards 2011 Cannes Film Festival 2011

Dolce Gabbana Polka Dots 2011 Viral Spot

M&M Reunite 2011 Tv Spot

Can you reunite the old M&M discover what you win

Johnnie Walker Inspired Insults TV Spot 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rihanna Mandown 2011 latest Video

Latest Video from Rihanna in her country Barbados

Vodafone Magic Carpet Tv Spot

Werner Damen directed this ad for Vodafone

Who Cares by Red Cross TV International Spot

Red Cross The Beauty Girl and the Samaritan

Starburst Dog in the Car Tv 2011 Spot

Converse Connectivity Matt Najle viral spot

Dress Irresponsibly by Pacusn 2011 Tv spot

Boeing Revolutionizes Flight: 787 Dreamliner 2011 spot

Anchor Cows Celebration 125 years Tv Spot 2011

The Troll Hunter Movie Official Trailer 2011

Another Earth Movie Trailer 2011 HD

The art of Getting by Movie Trailer 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apollo 18 The Movie 2011 Offical Trailer

The Controversy Begins with Apollo 18 is real footage or a viral video.

Mr. Popper's Penguins Jin Carrey 2011 Trailer Movie

Jim Carrey latest movie Mr Popper's Penguins

HTC Mobile Inspiration 2011 TV Spot

McDonald Turn Around New Tv Spot 2011

Clio Hall of Fame Pepsi Archaeology Tv Spot by BBDO NY

Gold Clio Awatd LG Something lurking Tv Spot

Clio Award The Brick Thief by Lego Short Film

Norte Beer Gold Clio Award The Best Excuse of The World

They needed the best excuse ever. For each Norte beer a man drank at the bar

Capital One Alex Baldwing Airport Commercial

Mitshubishi Electric Summer is Coming 2011 TV spot

Giorgio Armani Summer Mega Fox TV Spot

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pepsi Honor to the soldier of your town 2011 Tv spot

Qantas 2011The New experience in the air Tv spot

Heineken Galaxy Tv spot 2011

Clos Friends are for Help Tv Spot 2011

PlayStation Sex Icons 2011 Tv Spot

Body Swap 2011 Official Trailer

The Vow Movie Trailer Coming Valentine Day 2012

Volkswagen Golf 2012 The Baseball Game Tv Spot

Just for Men Tv spot 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mitchum 2011 Tv spot Extra Defend

Don't Be afraid of Dark Guillermo del Toro Movie 2011 Trailer

Sky Blind Talpa 2011 Tv Spot

Googlle 5 tips for staying safe on the web

How does Google Offers work 2011 Info Video

Nikon Ashton Kutcher Man of Action 2011 Tv Spot

Shakira Rabiosa 2011 Teaser Video FT El Cata

New Look from Shakira in the new video Rabiosa a dominican Merengue song Ft El Cata,the english version would be with Pitbull

Bavaria Hugh Heffner Playboy Man new 2011 TV Spot

California Cheese The Cows singing Tv spot

Weetbix You can Jump with me Tv Spot

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

50/50 Movie Trailer 2011

Beldent Let's Get Laugh Tv 2011 spot

Samsung Galaxy Nemo 2011 Tv Spot Too Real

Lady Gaga new Google Chrome Viral Adt 2011

Lady Gaga and Google Chrome Viral Ad Monster

Bicentury Love Yourself Tv 2011 Spot

Thomson Tv spot Your Time away is just too precious

HSBC Bank Playing in Japan Tv Spot

McDonald France The Double Cheese Converstation

Segafredo Zanetti & Mc Donald Tv Spot The Flirt

Playboy Workout 2011 Tv Trailer

Crazy Horse Girls Dance Cannes Festival 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer 2011

NIke People Loves to eun 2011 Tv spot

MAXIM Video 2011 Kelli Hutcherson Gets even Hotter

DRIVE ANGRY Nicolas Cage Official trailer

Mahou In or Out Beer 2011 commercial

Blackberry Latino's Flirt Argentina 2011 TV spot

Nissan Gas Powered Everything 2011 Tv Spot

Nokia Cowboys New Spot 2011 by T Mobile