Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cannes Lions 2011 Media Gran Prix Winner

The Winner of the Gran Prix in Cannes Media Lions
Type of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Best Use of Outdoor
Advertiser/Client: TESCO
Product/Service: RETAIL
Entrant Company: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
Advertising Agency: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
Creative Credits
Name Company Position
Joungrack Lee CHEIL Executive Creative Director
Youna Chung CHEIL Art Director
Youbin Bang CHEIL Art Director
Yeonjoo Lee CHEIL Art Director
Misu Yi CHEIL Copywriter
SKYTEAM Photographer
Sungmin Jee Illustrator
Joowon Han CHEIL Account Manager
Youna Chung CHEIL Creative Director
MOON & SUN Computer Graphic
Results and Effectiveness:
People could encounter TESCO HOMEPLUS wherever they go without having to visit the actual store. It was an efficient way to shop so people could enjoy their free time. After this campaign, on-line sales increased tremendously (Nov.2010-Jan.2011). Through this campaign, 10,287 consumers visited the online HOMEPLUS mall using smartphones. The number of new registered members rose by 76%, and on-line sales increased 130%. Currently, HOMEPLUS is No.1 in the on-line market and is a very close 2nd offline.
Creative Execution:
Let the store come to the people! We created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into people's everyday lives. Our first attempt was at busy subway stations in rush hours. Although virtual, the displays were exactly the same as actual stores – this included the merchandising. Only one thing is different, you use smart phones to shop! Scan the QR code with your phone, and the product automatically lands in your on-line cart! When the online purchase is done, it will be delivered to your door right after you get home.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
South Korea is a unique market. Even the most powerful global corporations tend to fail miserably in the Korean market. Walmart and Carrefour had to pack up their bags and leave. On the contrary, TESCO has been evolving itself, adjusting to the local market. It even changed the name itself, from TESCO to HOMEPLUS! And at last, it grew to the rank of No. 2 in Korea! But TESCO had to overcome one obstacle - fewer stores compared to the number one company, E-mart. Could we become No. 1 without increasing the number of stores? We conducted an in-depth study into Koreans once more. Korean are the 2nd most hard-working people in the world! For them, grocery shopping once a week is a dreaded task. So we decided to approach these busy and tired people.

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