Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your face your hair the attraction by AQua Spa Canada 2011

SLIM JEANS witness a war to demonstrate the Levi's nature

CANNES GRAND PRIX RUNNER UP & GOLD CAMPAIGN IN PRINT: LEVI'S SLIM JEANS PRESENTS THE VIDEO VERSION OF THE IDEA: Witness a war between stick figures to demonstrate the slim nature of Levi's slim jeans

The Fingerprint Manix awarded commercial, Gold Lion Cannes

Music by Marco Rosano Popmachine.Directed By Frank Vroegop won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Festival

Nuns and cement glue commercial Cannes Grand Prix Winner Ad

Orange Rewind your love cannes winner

Brad Pitt in a japanese commercial don't work i threw it

Brad Pit appears in a japanese comercial

Jean Paul Gaultier is a female inside a Male

Shalimar 2011 nude woman is perfect.

No Protection is my protection Remix

Alyssa Miller and Klara Wester Remix

Mini Dress ultimate Trends for Spring Summer 2011

Delta 2011 Ultimate Inspiration Loyalty is a two way street

In this days that everybody wants to increase o maintain their business loyalty is a key word to maintain a costumer in this ad Delta try to achieve the reason why so many people is loyal at one airline.

M&M 2011 Kidnaped

M&M Hostage arrived in tv this april

American Airlines 2011 Th Non Stop Dancers

Showing more for Shanghai American Airlines made a viral ad

Manchester United 2011 Turkish Airlines Commercial

Also for businnes star this claim for Turkish Airlines

NIVEA Diamond Gloss Werbung

Adidas 2011 This it the truth i am not the best

the last advertising for Adidas with Derrick Rose who breaks ankles, blows minds and shows us where he's headed with his new shoe, the adiZero Rose.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Freedom Furniture free yorself

World Water Day 2011 Suggestion Pee in the Shower ad

A wonderbra Woman

Wonder Bra woman by


Alcatel 2011 Women in Red

Intelligent ad from alcatel ice

Nescafe 2011 sometimes in life things go unexpected

Meet 3 in one nescafe, Sometimes you don't need resolution

Senseo be ready to your maxim sense

Expedia 2011 Be Wise in an inflation world

Expedia The Bed that you want

Over 190,000 thousands room per day, is considered the biguuest travel agency of the world


This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" by Peter Joseph

Greyson Chance new sensation in USA 40 millions viewers Singing Paparazzi got 40

Greyson Cgance the new sensation in you tube got 40 millions viewers in you tube this year

Camouflage by Garnier Fructis Style Gel 2011

Giorgio Armani 2011 look man i am waiting for you

Christophe Folz & Megan Fox acting in the last comercial for Armani

X Box 2011 is alive in Easter Week

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dark is sexy 2011 ad

Adidas 2011 Body Spray ad Better than Zinédine Zidane

Good Year Water accident

A funny ad from Goodyear

30 MINUTES OR LESS Restricted Trailer film

The Director of Zombieland return this summer with Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson star in the comedy 30 MINUTES OR LESS - a pizza delivery boy is kidnapped by two inept criminals and forced to rob a bank.

The Cow Dance Ad from La Vache Qui Rit 2011

The Cheese Fight Ad from Le Fromage Fouetté de Madame Loïk

Minelli Shoes she dances in the garden

Directed by Julien Samson France 2011

Official Diet Pepsi Ad with Sofia Vergaran and David Beckham

Beach Tweet is the last commercial from Pepsi with the famous futbolist David Beckham and the beautiful woman Sofia Vergara

Maxim's 2011 Ultimate Battle For The Ultimate Sandwich

Like bacon, sausage, or prime rib? Seven celebrity chefs cooked up their manliest meat combos—but only one took the prize.

Huggies 2011 Sock Puppet Diaper

Huggies vs Pampers the battle continues

Qatar Airwats 2011 The difference is in the air

Appetizer commercial for Qatar commercial in arabic

Energy City 2011 Ultimate Access the Energy by Qatar

Everybody want to be near of Qatar

DOLCE&GABBANA 2011 Open House open your sense

VIP 2011 a few can reach it by Carolina Herrera full version

She is a sunday girl lets discovery the magic

The magic of a simple song from Florrie Arnold

Louis Vuitton at BASELWORLD 2011 the ultimate complication

Timepieces 2011 an excellent view of Louis Vuitton 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Diet Pepsi 2011 Sophia Vergara and David Beckham behind the scene

Behind the scenes footage of new 2011 spot featuring Sofia Vergara and David Beckham for Diet Pepsi

Nikon 2011 Everybody is famous with Robbie Williams and Neil Amstrong

New Nikon ad with COOLPIX S8000

Kellog's 2011 Aladdin Ad goes to Turkish

Kellogg's Coco Pops Commercial the version Aladdin (Turkish)

Mcdonald 2011 Happy Meal Rio from Germany

A famous Rio movie goes to happy meals worldwide here is an example from Germany

Aura de Swarosvki 2011 ad Let's the life begin

Aura de Swarosvki 2011 commercial with the music of Rumor Mill

HP 2011 ad Everybody On Dreams and Share

Nice ad from HP Everybody on 2011

Garnier 2011 ad my brilliance life

Fructis Pure Brillance with the music of "This Is A Bust" from Ghostcat

Sing a Song sing aloud by Coca Cola ad 2011

spot TV Coca-Cola Open Happiness with the song Can you Feel it Tonight" of One Night Only
agency in charge Wieden Kennedy

Rayban 2011 ad you can hide you must see the woman

Citroen Celebrate like no one in the world

Citroen made an interesting visual commercial ,recommended to see

Evian ad 2011 Live Young be happy

Evian new advertising Live Young / musique : "Wordy Rappinghood (Evian Mix)" par Uffie & DJ Mehdi
a remix of different t shirt

Nike ad 2011 Free Arena the battle begin

musix from remix of "Symphonie n° 4 en la majeur, op. 90 "Italienne": IV. Saltarello (Presto)" de Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Scandalous Red Bull ad prohibited in Italy

Censored Ad

Prada Perfume do you believe i am on the floor

Is Prada, is a beautiful girl on the floor, what do you do?

Adidas 2011 We are Original Girls

We are Originals is an idea that join 2 style icons of the time meet each other;

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Calvin Klein Watches Touch directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Victoria's Secret Dreams Angels Forever 2011 uncensored

Extended version for Victoria Secret 2011

Baileys Irish Cream Pampering yourself

Treat yourlself like a queen, wake up all your sense is the message from Baileys

Sexy Beach Bikini Photoshoot by FashionTV Mexico

BMW X1 summer-winter-joy feeling.

T-Mobile NBA Fasten talk

She is the beautiful normal girl and then you have a man that talk fast in a funny way introducing the fast-break of Sidekick 4G features NBA games.

Dulux 2011 Our Colourful friend

Dulx launch this ad in the 50th anniversary, who is the best friend of a man?

Capital One Bank Hard to Missing

Is a bank and is everywhere a entertainment ad from Capital One Bank well is hard to miss this ad

Carlsberg New Commercial 2011 Houston we have a problem

An astronaut an a beer? well some critics said it wasn't a good idea to mix.

Volkswagen Jetta commercial Honey Spread the Joy

An enthusiastic male VW Jetta shows to her wife one of the many functions of the car.

Ericsson Mobile Evolution Advertising Worldlwide

Erickson company show us a film about the mobile advertising market place, the opportunities and the challenges of the future.Recommended to view to all marketers,digital and people who loves ads

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pepsi The Traveler inside you

Pepsi Classic ad The traveler

Be an adventurer a viral ad from Travel Channel

Samsung The Magic Box

Great Effect ,looks at the beginning a normal amateur video and then....

Orange 2011 Life is a Game a great Viral Ad

Orange 2011 Life is a Game is a great entertainment ad.

T-Mobile Royal Wedding biguest viral ad in April 5 millions viewers

Five Millions Viewers in just one week and growing

Adidas 2011 bring on ad the Challenge is with yourself

Adidas execution bring on commercial, the most important is not the tennis is ourselves.

Old Couple why they are mad? an indian commercial

Moov Heat Belt Advertisement 2011 about an old couple that fight

Luminous Battery Ad What happen in the game?

What Happen in the game? Jodi with sachin Tendukar

Firestone 2011 Go please Go...

Sometimes your batteries do not work so you need help...

Pirelli 2011 Ad The revolution is to be safe

Pirelli one of the most famous tires of the world got a nice review with this ad Driven by our point of view

2011 Range Rover Evoque Street footage

Barcelona World Race an incredible Journey

Why you don't comee back , i miss you so much is one of the phrase that you can hear in the monument event Barcelona World Race

Jennifer Lopez hottest legs for Gillette 2011 Venus Ad

Is easy to make a commercial when you have jennifer Lopez,beatiful girl and Gillette Venus for Women.

See for Yourself by AFL 2011

Official AFL 2011 Television Commercial - See For Yourself Ad Campaign

Cadbury Lunch Bar

The Agency Mi7 made this commercial for Cadbury the production was assigned to Cinegram Cairo

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Discover your sense by Greece tourism

A nice ad from Greece Tourism , this version discover your sense was made long time ago

Max Factor 2011 Lipfinity Lip Gloss share your smile

Guess Jeans ad Is Summer Time full of

Amazing BBC One 2011 Human Planet Must see it

Don't miss this commercial from BBC

Exclusive Ralph Lauren's classic cars

An unique collection for Ralph Lauren.

Go fast life is short a netherlands adv 2011

Banco Santander 2011,lGo on with your life

Banco Santander tu vida fluye describe the life of normal people..the best of one bank is the one that you don't have to go

One Million KM by JAC Motor Brazil

Volkswagen Brazil Jetta 2012 Ad Chihuaha what a car!!

Lunch New Jetta 2012 for VW 2012

Dr.House 2011 is just Dr.House, advertising with a KId

Rexona 2011 Girl in a towel is so beautiful and confident

Axe ads The Postman arrived